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 Norlaili binti Mat Safri
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 Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
 Faculty of Electrical Engineering
 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
 81310 UTM Johor Bahru
 Johor, Malaysia
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Some information about me.
I am married to a wonderful husband, have two daughters and live in the same region as most of my in-laws. You might not know me, but since I got scholarship to study 1st degree in Japan, which would be sad if I turn it down, so you can expect me to be well verse in the language. However, they say that practice makes perfect so expect me to become novice again in term of speaking in that language after I came back to Malaysia. My Japanese proficiency test is suppose to be at Level 1 (I took the exam. in Dec 1995 in Fukuoka and passed). Prior to that, I passed Level 3 and 2 while studying at Rancangan Persediaan Khas Jepun (RPKJ), University of Malaya (1990-1992). My English, I would say just fair. My ambition, if I don't involve in engineering, I would most probably be an accountant bacause I like playing with numbers. Currently I'm a University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) staff with too many "P"s to fulfill! But despite all the Ps that I need to focus on, I enjoy being in UTM as I get to meet many interesting people.
Okay,to keep myself stay focus in my research area, I have joint a number of scientific association such as:
  • Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR) - since 2010
  • IEEE Women in Engineering – since 2009
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - since 2009
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society – since 2009
  • IEEE Circuit And System (CAS) – since 2010
  • IEEE -since 2003


As of June 2016, I have published 23 journal papers and 29 conference papers.
For more information on my publication, check out the R&D Activity/Publication site on the right bar. Hoping I am not too lazy to update them. But, if it is not current, you can contact me for my up-to-date CV.

Achievement so far (latest 2 years):

- Won Best of the Best Award and Gold Medal Award at 17th Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition (INATEX) 2015, UTM.
It is my current PhD student, Shikin who prepared the materials and Dr. Afzan (my 1st Ph.D student, who is also my colleague) who presented our work titled: "Asic design of sudden cardiac arrest monitoring".

- Won WIE Best Paper Award at 2014 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (IEEE Tensymp 2014), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14-16 April 2014.
It is my Master student, Syazreen who presented the paper titled: "Differences in cortico-cortical functional connections between children with good and poor handwriting: A case study".
As for teaching & learning, since i came back from Ph.D study, I have involved in curriculum review for Electronic programme and Medical Electronic programme. I also involved in the design of Biosystem modelling, Biomedical Signal Processing and Clinical Engineering courses at FKE. These are all elective courses for Electronic programme. Since I was the Head of Medical Electronic Lab., I also designed the Problem based learning (PBLab) for the 3rd and 4th years students of Medical Electronic programme (SEP- ceased). Currently, I am the Academic Coordinator for Advanced Electronic Lab. I was involved in the designed of 4th year Capstone project for the Electronic Programme (SKEL). You know what, I made a video for the Adv. Electronic Lab. It is the 1st video that I make. After looking at it, I think I need to get help from CTL to improve the video presentation. I already committed myself to do MOOC for Biomedical Signal Processing, therefore, there will be a shooting of my video. Maybe I will asked them to improve the lab video that I have made. Until then, you may watch the beta version here. The website is maintain by the lab. assistant engineer.

Apart from research and teaching & learning, I also actively involve in committees set-up by the
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Here is the list of my role in some of them.  

Current Responsibilities

1. Associate Professor at Dept. of Electronic and Computer Eng., Faculty of Electrical Eng., Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2.  Course Coordinator, Biomedical Signal Processing course (SKEL 4533)

3. Course Coordinator, Biosystem Modelling  course (SKEL 4543)

4. Academic Coordinator, Advanced Electronic Laboratory

5. Chairman, Faculty Quality Audit working committee

6. Japan Research Grant Champion for FKE

Previous posts:

Head of Electronic Department, Head of Biomedical and Instrumentation Electronic Research Group, Editor for Jurnal Elektrika, Secretary of Faculty Quality Academic working committee, Head of Medical Electronic Laboratory, and etc.

Need to get in touch? Do not worry, my e-mail address is at the top and another one on the right bar. You can also check out my academic background there.Do e-mail me if you have any query. Thank you for reading this.

p/s: Oh! My Ph.D supervisor, Professor Murayama retired April, 2016.  2nd July, there will be a farewell dinner for him in Kumamoto City. How I wish I could be there! I told Dr. Igasaki that I can't make it to the gathering. Therefore, I wrote something about him. Check out "Arigato sensei" in My Story.